A BRIEF HISTORY In 1998, when Indonesia has a multi dimension crisis which come to reformation phase, 2 young engineer have an idea to create the company for in serve of Trading Business in Oil and Gas Field.

At the time, the engineers previously works for oil and gas Business for almost 5 years in major part of Indonesia.One later, the company is, established by December 29, 1999 which working on mechanical and instrumentation material.

On processing the operation, in July 2001, PT. Ilham Treda Industri is appointed formally by several principles from East Europe to present their product in Indonesia market.

The product that we presented is rock bit. From Narzezia, Glinik Poland, Wellhead and Xmass trees from Energoinvest, Bosnia Herzegovina, Instrument values and accessories from Safelok, Great Britain.

And that year also, PT. Ilham Treda Industri, has two monumental prove orders for supplying Rock Bit, in Lapindo Berantas field thru its contractor Citra insulindo Abadi and direct to TAC Pertamina Tanjung Lontar. And starting that, we are fully confidence to continue the business which focus on Drilling Material and Equipment supply until this time.

During that operation we have notes many prime customer in Oil and Gas business in Indonesia which utilize our product.

At This times, PT. Ilham Treda Industri is supported by experts in field of drilling equipment and material with multi years experience in large scope of supply such as : Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Mining and Power Plant and majority from Canadian Principles.

Today PT. Ilham Treda Industri serves the customer by product and services as the following :

  • Drilling Material
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Drill Steam Testing
  • Data Acquisition / Processing 2D/3D
  • Services

The former global trading and services company in energy sector

  • Creates the Attitude and trustee company in energy sector
  • Creates the competitive and expertise company
  • Creates the wealth for society environment
  • Creates the Smart man power and skill full in energy sector