PT. ILHAM TREDA INDUSTRI is trading and services company in energy sector which specialty Drilling and Pipelines field. Which along proven track record during the operation, PT. Ilham Treda Industri serves the customer by product and services as the following:
  • Drilling Material (Rock Bit, PDC Bit, Stabilizer, Collar, Drill Pipe, Valves, Steel, Pipelines, Bridge Plug, Drilling accessories, and many more)
  • Lifting Equipment (Hydraulic Pumping Units, Pumping Units, Electrical submersible pump, Moyno Pump) Drill Stem Testing (DST and Surface testing equipment)
  • Data Acquisition / Processing 2D/3D (Microseismic / Permanent monitoring equipment)
  • Services (Drilling rental equipment such as rig and renting equipment, Methane purification -CO2 removal, Hydrogen purification PSA System, Gas engine, Geothermal drilling activity)